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Goodrich Actuation Systems Hard Chrome line Manual
Durr Automated E coat Plant Rack plant
Goodrich Actuation Systems Passivate line with hoist system Manual
Rollstud Refurbished 1200mm Barrel Line Barrel plant
Goodrich Actuation Systems Nickel & Electroless Nickel Line with Chrome Strip Manual
Gameson 6.5m Tin Plating Line Rack plant
Capricorn Automotive

Nickel Ceramic Plating Modules

Lone Star Electroless Nickel Plant

Manual plant

Metal Colours Semi-Automated Phospating plant

Rack plant

Anodising Solutions Chromic and sulphuric Anodising Line with Effluent plant

Manual plant & Effluent plant

Ellison Technical Coatings Automated 2.8m Zinc Nickel and E-Coat plant

Rack plant

Schlumberger Automated 5m Phospating plant

Rack plant

Eaton Aerospace Automated Sulphuric and Hard Anodising plant

Rack plant

AEP Automated 2.4m Alkali Zinc Cross transfer plant

Rack plant

Penn Engineering Automated 1m Acid Zinc and Zinc Nickel Cross transfer plant

Barrel plant

Coorstek Semi-Automated Nickel plant for plating on ceramics

Rack plant

PW Metal Finishing Refurbishment of existing rack plant and Supply of a refurbished 30” barrel plant

Rack plant & Barrel plant

WH Greaves Move refurbish and re install an automated Four transporter plant

Rack plant

RTC Supply a 4m manual Alkali Zinc plant

Rack plant

South West M/F Refurbished automated Cadmium rack and Barrel Cross transfer plant

Barrel plant & Rack plant

Blanc Aero Industries Refurbished Semi-Automated Cleaning line

Rack plant

Metal Finishers Llandudno Refurbished 4m automated Acid Zinc plant

Rack plant

Ray Owen Plating Refurbished 4m automated Acid Zinc plant (Supplied, installed and commissioned in 1 week)

Rack plant

pre-used electroplating and surface treatment industry equipment

Lone Star - manual electroless nickel lineLone Star - manual electroless nickel lineMetal Colours - semi automatic phosphating rack lineEllison Technical Coatings - automated 2.8 zinc nickel and e-coat rack lineSchlumberger - automated 5m phosphating rack lineEaton Aerospace - automated sulphuric and hard anodising rack lineAEP - automated 2.4m alkali zinc rack linePenn Engineering - automated 1m acid zinc and zinc nickel barrel lineCoorstek - semi automated nickel rack line for plating on ceramicsRTCEICLISIRay Owen Plating

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surface treatment and electroplating industry machinery - JWE Ltd Jacquet Weston Engineering
electroplating plant specialists and Europe's largest stockholder of accessories and pre-used equipment
surface treament, metal processing and electroplating industry clients

       Jacquet Weston

Jacquet Weston is able to deliver exceptional plating plant design, dry run preparation and quality on-site installation. We are also the only stockholder of new and used equipment in the UK.

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