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Product Code Description
DGL010 Danglers Miniport 12mm lug
DGL015 Danglers Miniport 10mm lug
DGL020 Danglers 35mm x 28" lg
DGL022 Danglers 50mm x 32"
DGL025 Danglers 50mm x 36" Standard Full Sleeve x pair
DGL030 Danglers 50mm x 36" Short Sleeve x pairs
DGL035 Danglers 70mm x 36" x pairs
DGL040 Danglers 70mm x 44" x pairs
DGL045 Danglers 95mm x 36" x pairs 
DGL050 Danglers 95mm x 44" x pairs  
DGL055 Danglers 120mm x 36" x pairs 
DGL060 Danglers 120mm x 44" 
DGL062 Danglers 150mm x 1100/1250mm lg (12mmhole lug) 
DGL065 Danglers 95mm x 900mm 
DGL070 Danglers 120mm x 788mm 
DGL075 Danglers 120mm x 1050mm 
DGL080 Danglers 180mm x 1050mm
DGL085 Danglers 180mm x 1100mm x pair (B18110)
DGL100 25mm PVC Covered per Metre
DGL105 35mm PVC Covered per Metre
DGL110 50mm PVC Covered per Metre
DGL115 70mm PVC Covered per Metre                           
DGL120 95mm PVC Covered per Mtr A2F095                        
DGL125 120mm PVC Covered per Metre
DGL135 25 mm Contact  (Brass)
DGL140 25mm Contact
DGL145 35mm Contact
DGL150 50mm Contact
DGL155 70mm Contact
DGL160 95mm Contact
DGL165 120mm Contact
DGL180 Heat Shrink 1/2" per Metre
DGL185 Heat Shrink 3/4" per Metre
DGL190 Heat Shrink 1" per Metre
DGL195 Heat Shrink 15mm per Metre
DGL200 Heat Shrink 32mm per Metre
DGL220 Cable LUG 25mm 10mm Hole
DGL225 Cable LUG 25mm   12mm Hole
DGL230 Cable LUG 35mm
DGL235 Cable LUG 50mm
DGL240 Cable LUG 70mm
DGL245 Cable LUG 95mm
DGL250 Cable LUG 120mm
DGL260 PVC Sleeve 5/8" Bore per Metre
DGL265 PVC Sleeve 3/4 Bore per Metre
DGL270 PVC Sleeve 7/8" Bore per Metre
DGL300 Cable Link 50mm x 22"

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